Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown Review

Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown': A Worthy, if Lackluster, Addition to the  Series | Goomba Stomp

So Goblin Slayer finally gets its own movie and I had to watch it as soon as possible. Goblin Slayer is about a man known as the Goblin Slayer who faced tremendous trauma as a child at the hand of goblins. As a result of that trauma he vowed to kill every last goblin and went so far as to make it his singular goal in life. During the show he eventually becomes part of a party and they travel with him as he ventures on his goal. The movie takes place just after the end of season one and the party of the Goblin Slayer was called to assist a party who was recently called to deal with a hoard of Goblins.

The story of the movie is honestly not complex which works perfectly for Goblin Slayer. The story is your traditional search and rescue mission in anime where the main cast seeks out the characters in distress and in the process finds a way to deal with the problem that warranted the mission in the first place. What is important here is how well the characters are executed. When Goblin Slayer finds the remaining members of the party they were hired to assist he learns that their mission has resulted in them being traumatized by goblins. While some of Goblin Slayer’s party has concerns in taking this party with them the Goblin Slayer sympathizes with their experience and thinks it’s better for them if they come along.

You really see a new side of Goblin Slayer because in the show it’s clear that he is a caring individual, but due to his background he didn’t relate well to the other characters. The movie gives us a character he can completely relate to and it creates an entirely new dynamic that becomes very enjoyable to watch. If anything it is this dynamic that makes this movie worth watching to fans of the show because it is really fun to watch how this fleshes out Goblin Slayer as a character.

The fight scenes are also really great. Goblin Slayer does not shy away from violence and the fight scenes make great use of that as the characters are frequently locked in combat and show off all sorts of abilities that leave the goblins skewered, shocked, crushed, and more. These scenes are enhanced after you find out that these goblins have the ability to adapt and even went as far as to copy techniques used by the Goblin Slayer. The action is really entertaining and as usual with Goblin Slayer it makes for an intense series of moments where you wonder how these characters will make it out of this situation alive.

I will say this though, the first about 20 minutes of the movie recaps the events of season one of Goblin Slayer. To me I quite enjoyed a refresher before the movie but I can also see where other people might not care for this so if you’re not a fan of recaps then you might want to skip this part. The story is also very straightforward which works because the character development is there, but I can also see how that can be off putting to some viewers.

It doesn’t take a lot of words to review the Goblin Slayer movie because there is a singular but powerful part that really makes this experience wonderful and that is the characterization. The story is solid but not complex and the action is amazing and makes for a great addition to the entertainment value. I think it gives a new perspective on the Goblin Slayer and makes for a nice story to watch while waiting for season 2.

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