GalaxyCon Louisville 2019 Review: Finally Louisville Gets A Good Convention

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For years Louisville was plagued with a convention that failed miserably to provide a great experience for fans.  This event was called Fandomfest and I went to this event before I started doing written reviews; however, it was one of the worst convention experiences I’ve ever had.  Fast forward a few years and Galaxycon comes to Louisville and manages to change things for the better and provide a really great event.


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The guests were all amazing and provided a wide range of talent from various forms of media.  Several people from My Hero Academia, The Princess Bride, Fire Emblem, Marvel and the list goes on.  Furthermore one of the guests, Erica Mendez, brought a friend with her to the convention which happened to be famous voice actor Lucien Dodge who was also in various Fire Emblem games, so it was nice to also meet him for the first time. I’ve always kept an eye on Galaxycons because of their awesome guest list and finally, I had the time to go to one and see these amazing people for myself.


So I didn’t have much interest in the panels.  They had a lot of interesting looking Q and A panels but I found myself spending most of my time shopping.  Granted if I go to this convention again and go for more than a day you will for sure see me go to a couple of panels.  I liked how the panel rooms had plenty of space so it didn’t look difficult to get a seat even in the biggest events of the day.

Vendors/Artist Alley


Lots of interesting stuff to buy.  The area was not extremely packed so it was easy to walk around and shop and there were plenty of vendors to choose from. I really loved my shopping experience.  I was actually shocked at the number of vendors with items exclusively from anime.  It’s not often you see an event that represents a wide variety of entertainment that has a wide variety of anime merchandise.  I was pleasantly surprised by this.


This event was really well organized and it was easy to do everything I wanted to do.  I really only came to this event for a few autographs and a photo op with the 9th Doctor from Doctor who and managed to get everything done with little to no effort.  Everyone in my group managed to leave this event with everything they planned to do and more.

Overall I came to this event with a simple objective and that was to meet people and do some shopping.  This event was organized in a way that made my goals easy to obtain and I loved that.  I would love to see a bit more variety in the panels but was surprised by the variety in the vendors.  I’m already putting this event under consideration for next year and will have this event in mind when I consider future Galaxycon locations.



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