Fanboy Expo 2.0 2019 Review: Good, But Not Quite Good Enough

I don’t know when Fanboy started this, but they went to a two convention a year schedule and this is a review of the second convention they do.  Pretty much Fanboy 2.0 is similar in every way to the original Fanboy, but after a little over a year I hoped they would do everything a little better, I was not wrong, but, well you’ll see.


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Now in this regard, the convention was cursed with misfortune.  Eight guests, for various reasons, cancelled.  Now while this is beyond the convention’s control it does have a huge impact on the con as a whole.  In this case, I went to this event for my fiance who really wanted to meet Freddy Prince Jr. who had to cancel due to a project.  The con did have great guests from movies like Scream and shows like Arrow and the event did a great job at finding replacing the cancellations.  So the guests were great, but the poor con had a tough time getting there.  As for the autograph sessions, they went way more smoothly this time. Instead of huge VIP lines bottlenecking the experience, we were able to walk up with little to no VIPs around and get autographs with ease.


The con had very few panels and I didn’t have much motivation to go to the ones they had.  All of the panels were Q&A sessions with different guests and those tend to be my favorite panels, but a con should have more to offer than a few Q&A sessions.  This wouldn’t be a problem if the con offered more to do outside of panels to keep you busy, but it didn’t so and we will go into that shortly.

Artist Alley/Vendors:

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I really enjoyed shopping at this event and it was the highlight of this con, but there weren’t a lot of vendors.  After about an hour we were able to search through all of the vendors and see everything they had to offer.  While the experience was great, we found a lot of awesome stuff, and we were able to move around with incredible ease, we really wished there was more to do.


This con did everything really well, although I also didn’t dare try a photo op after how horrible the experience was last time. The problem was the event was plagued with guest cancellations, and lacking in vendors and panels.  It was a great experience and fun as a day event, but I only spend two hours at the con and was home long before the events ended for the day.  Normally when a con either has few vendors or panels there is something about the guests or something else about the con that makes up for that.  Unfortunately, Fanboy 2.0 was not the case.  I didn’t leave disappointed, but I left sooner than I planned.

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