Fire Emblem: Three Houses E3 Trailer Analysis

So at E3 2019, we got another trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Houses which featured a five year time skip and revealed the game has two distinct parts.  The first part being the academy and the lessons taught by your character and the second part being the war that for some reason started in the five years between the end of classes and the second part of the game.  Let’s see if we can gather some additional clues that may indicate how this war started.


One of the first things I want to point out is Dimitri.  While Claude and Edelgard seem to exhibit a lack of desire for conflict, Dimitri seems to have no hesitation to attack his former classmates with absolute brutality.  Furthermore, you can also see that he is sporting a new eyepatch which I bet is not just for decoration.  I am thinking that whatever caused the divide amongst the Three Houses started with some sort of attack on Dimitri and his house and it was made to look like an attack from one of the other two houses.  This would explain why he shows clear signs of damage and his increased aggression.



Shortly after Dimitri, we see Edelgard as she says”we have no choice but to eliminate those who cling to unreasonable ideas of justice.”  I think she is referring to Dimitri in this case.  He clearly wants some sort of revenge and like most people with a revenge goal, they feel they are acting for justice.  This theory is furthered by how solemn she appears in the video and the clear dislike for the actions she is doing. This is emphasized again by the next image which shows Edelgard and Dimitri together.


Then we get this vague image. We really can’t tell who the aggressor or the victim is in the image, but it once again places this image near a pan of Dimitri in the video.  Just before this image, we see a young Dimitri with blood on his face and a serious expression.  I believe whatever is going on up here is the actual event that started Dimitri’s hate-fueled agenda against the other two houses and he doesn’t know of this huge individual in the image.


We are then treated to some actions shots that I feel do not give us a lot of information at this time; however, then we get this individual who says something about a veilstone that consumes even the darkness itself.  We’ve already heard of the crests so I am thinking that this veilstone is a particularly dark crest that has incredible power.


Next, we get Claude and honestly, I liked Claude a lot more after hearing his lines in this trailer.  He speaks of scaling the walls between “us” and then we see what I believe is his hand reaching out to Dimitri sitting on the ground.  I think Claude’s objective is to rid the conflict peacefully amongst the Three Houses and unit against a common enemy.


So I think this is said common enemy.  I mean we rarely ever get a good character to arrive in a dark aura from a creepy coffin in chains. I think that the mysterious stone that consumes the darkness itself has some sort of connection to how this fabulous individual gets out of the coffin.


We then see Edelgard asking your character what to do then another mysterious reveal comes up.  We see a seen with Sothis and then your character turns into what looks like a Super Saiyan.  Since this is not DragonBall Z, I have no idea what this phenomenon is.  The only clue we get is Sothis saying “both sides of time are revealed.” We already know from previous news that Sothis gives your character the ability to manipulate time.  I believe this ability evolves later in the game which changes your hair color and you start to understand what happens if you don’t reunite the Three Houses.  You see both sides of time if you succeed and fail your goal. At least that’s the theory I have right now.

That’s all I’ve got on the trailer at this time and I have no idea if any of my theories are right, but I hope you enjoyed reading this and I can’t wait for the game to release next month.

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