Lexington Toy and Comic Convention 2019: Faith Restored


This is my fifth year in a row going to this convention and so far only last year’s event provided a bad experience. With my faith damaged from last year, I went to this event with great uncertainty and wondered what kind of experience I would have this time.  As always with this event, I went on Saturday only.

As always, the convention provided an amazing guest list with well-known names in anime, movies, wrestling, power rangers, several people from Buffy and so many more.  The convention reserved a dedicated autograph area and the autographs went way smoother than last year.  Lines moved quickly and for those with long lines, there was space used in nearby bleachers to keep the walkways clear.  I wanted to meet five people this year and I spent very little time in line.  The convention did a great job keeping the lines moving this year and I applaud their improvement in this area.  On a side note I collect autographs from the Fire Emblem series and reached my 100th autograph at this convention which was a huge milestone for me.

I want to bring up how well security was this year.  Last year the security checkpoints took so long that it congested several parts of the convention, but this year the checkpoints were much more organized and took very little time getting through them.  I for one love it when conventions can have these security checkpoints and find a way to check everyone without waiting hours on in to get anywhere.

The convention had so many vendors this year and there was a lot of variety in what was offered.  I had a great shopping experience and there were booths all over the place.  I only have one complaint and it’s a very small one.  There were so many Pop booths, and I mean so many.  If you’re a pop collection this would be an amazing thing, but since I am not this wound up becoming repetitive.  However, the convention had so many booths the overwhelming presence of pops did not hinder the shopping experience for a non-pop collector.

The panels were a lot of fun, mostly Q and A sessions but because the convention had great guests the panels were by default an enjoyable experience.  There were also other events like a meet and greet with Jason David Frank, a beautiful game room with plenty of choices, this year they did super smash brothers tournaments and I think overall the convention took a step in the right direction in offering more for the fans.

The final thing I want to bring up is the space.  There was so much room to walk around that I was able to get from place to place very easily.  I did not bump into a single person the entire day.  The convention spaced everything further apart this year and the extra space made for more walk room.

Overall I love this convention and worried because last year I had a rough time, but the people running this event heard the concerns of the fans and made changes to address all of them.  It was easy to go to this convention and do everything I wanted to do.  This year was a big reminder as to why this convention is the one I’ve gone to far more than any other convention and I’m sure I’ll go to Lexington Toy and Comic Convention 2020

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