Top Five Green Nintendo Game Characters

It’s St. Patrick’s day and we all know how important the color green is today.  In honor of this holiday we have a list of five well recognized characters in green.  Now for this list we are looking at characters that primarily appear in video games and because most of those characters come from Nintendo franchises I’ve decided to focus on the Nintendo games.

5. Little Mac

No relation to Mcdonald’s Big Mac, Little Mac is Nintendo’s expert boxer that uses bright green colors for his outfit and his gloves.  He may be clad in all green but when he’s done his enemies will be seeing red.

4. Bulbasaur

Pokemon always gives you a choice of one of three starter Pokemon and the grass types are always a nice shade of green.  Bulbasaur was the first grass type starter Pokemon of the franchise and one of the most memorable grass type Pokemon of all time.

3. Yoshi

A friendly side kick of Mario, Yoshi is most frequently recognized as the green dinosaur that Mario rides on and uses to help get from place to place, often by sacrificing this poor creature for an extra jump. This side kick managed to gain enough popularity to gain his own franchise which his own ride able companion Poochy.

2. Luigi

Mario sure does surround himself with a lot of green.  Luigi, the awkward but lovable brother of Mario has a nice green outfit and if he is not assisting Mario in his game he can be frequently seen catching ghosts with a vacuum cleaner.

1. Link

Link, who is not Zelda, from the Legend of Zelda franchise is often seen in his traditional green outfit.  While lately he has been seen changing up his attire for different occasions we still know him best as the green swordsman.

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