Review of Momocon

DSCF4960So last Saturday I took a trip to Atlanta GA to visit Momocon. Now this isn’t the first time I’ve attended a convention in Atlanta but this was my first Momocon. As a big Anime and video game fan I was really excited for this so I’m going to quickly get started with some of the things I liked, and unfortunately disliked about the convention.

So first I want to talk about the guests that the convention had to offer. This was by far the convention where I got the most autographs because I was a big fan of the guests they had to offer. I liked how they had a nice variety of guests spanning many different genres and while the guest list wasn’t huge it was clearly planned carefully to cater to many different interests.  It was fun meeting the people I got to see and it was one of the main reasons I went to Momocon in the first place.

As for the events. They were ok but there was nothing going on that made me absolutely excited about going to the panels or contests. They had some nice events but nothing that was really worth going into extensive detail writing about.

The organization of the event is where the dislikes come in.  The organization was absolutely terrible.  From what I saw events were struggling to run on time, but where the organization really hurt was with the autographs. They tried this thing where you had to get tickets to get autographs then wait for a specific time slot to get something signed, but the people working the convention weren’t even confident that the guests would arrive in time.  Also since the autographs were all in small sections many people would alternate at the same spots at different times which wasn’t a problem until I found out that nobody actually knew which spot a guest would sign at.  Since I was unable to get a ticket for Matt Mercer I had to try to get to the signing area 30 minutes early to get an autograph. Kind of hard to do when nobody can tell you where you need to be until you had to be there. I had to constantly be aware of any updates going on to find out where he would be at and then I had to rush to get a spot in line because everyone swarmed when they found out where he would be at. Luckily I got third in line and it kind of lessened the significance of the tickets since I was in front of almost everyone with a ticket.

The vendors were amazing. I found all sorts of amazing stuff I wanted and while I didn’t get all of it I found many things that I wish I could’ve bought.  The spacing of the vendors was good there was quite a bit of room to walk which was nice. While I still bumped into a few people it wasn’t happening a lot. There was a lot of stuff to look at and a lot of vendors to shop around that I actually spend a lot of time looking around at them all.

Overall I had a lot of fun at this convention. While the panels were a little bland and the organization failed miserably Momocon offered great guests to meet and fun vendors to shop around for so if the guests are just as amazing next year I will definitely be making another trip down to Atlanta.

Below are all the autographs I got while I was at the convention.

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