Star Fox Zero Review

So finally we get a new Star Fox game, I’ve been waiting for this for a while since the last game in the series that wasn’t a remake was a DS game. The game is clearly a reboot as Andross is the main enemy and it re told a similar story that was done with Star Fox 64.  With that being said is it worth the wait. Long review short is that it is worth the wait but this is not a game without its flaws.

First I’ll start with the controls because that’s where a lot of people had their biggest issues with the game, I’m no exception. I didn’t mind the flight controls or the combat controls at all it was actually the controls used to aim that really bothered me. Instead of looking at the TV the best way to aim is to use the gamepad. While you can use the TV to hit enemies the gamepad offers a more precise shot so unless I was just rapid firing to get rid of a hoard of enemies I found myself looking at the gamepad a lot, which also meant I got flanked every now and then because the gamepad is a cockpit view so you can’t see anything but what’s in front of you that way. So I found myself constantly going back and forth between the TV and gamepad which was certainty challenging till I got used to it. Once I got used to it things got better but this whole aiming with the gamepad thing better not show up again.

The graphics were really good. I loved how everything looked so I have no complaints about that. It was surprisingly lower quality than what I would expect from Platinum games, but I was still not disappointed at all. As for the sound honestly I didn’t pay much attention to how everything sounded, the voice acting was pretty good and the music worked. I did like how the gamepad was used as a com device where you had to use the volume on it to hear what your team mates at Star Fox are saying.

The game is fast paced which I loved. It has its fair share of challenges but overall it’s definitely a fun game. I liked each vehicle really well and the story was not half bad, short, very short, but not bad. Overall the game is fun, but the controls are tedious at times and it’s short so when you do get used to the controls a good portion of the game is beat so while I do recommend playing this game at some point I do not feel like it offers enough content to justify paying full price for it, I’d wait for a discount. With this appearing to be a soft reboot I’m hoping for more Star Fox games in the future.

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