Five Fun Fire Emblem: Engage Supports

Now a very big part of the Fire Emblem franchise is the support conversations between the various characters that are unlocked by using them in battle together or various methods at the Somniel. These supports do a great job at fleshing out the characters and showing us how much depth each of them has; however, you do have the occasional conversation that is just more on the wacky humorous side and this is a list of a few of my personal favorites of those. Now I will give a spoiler warning as it involves units you get late in the game and so I don’t recommend watching it until you at least are near the endgame.

Alcryst and Pandreo

Now, this was a genius pairing to have as the party-hard priest Pandreo tries to get the reserved apologetic Alcryst to open up. Now this proves to be quite a crisis for Alcryst as the party atmosphere is just way too much for him but in a mix of various AROOS!!! from both Pandro and Alcryst, the two manage to find some common ground and

Merrin and Rosado

The undisputed experts of cool and cute, Merrin and Rosado finally go head to head to see which style is superior. Merrin shows off a myriad of cool things and Rosado counters with overwhelming cuteness. They wage in a battle of wills and in the end neither proved to be victorious as they realize that there was no way one could defeat the other. They managed to accept this fact and form a mutual bond that is both cute and cool.

Ivy and Panette

Our favorite gothic-styled hero Panette shares her fascination with the spooky with Ivy with no idea that Ivy is absolutely terrified of ghosts. Now the conversations involving Ivy’s fear are all great, but none compare to this one as Ivy flat out monologues her progression from scared to being outright terrified to the point of running away. The two managed to come to a mutual understanding to help Ivy avoid anything she was afraid of but this conversation proved to be extremely hilarious.

Lindon and Mauvier

Now in most of their supports, Lindon talks about the pros and cons of aging and Mauvier often laments about his regrets for his actions while working as a member of the four hounds. This conversation though is all about corn. Lindon simply wants Mauvier to throw some corn in the air while he fires at it with magic to cause the corn to pop in mid-air. Mauvier of course worried about getting hit immediately rejects the idea and the whole series of supports is just Lindon trying to persuade him otherwise. You can say this conversation literally popped.

Vander and Saphir

Here you have two older and more experienced warriors that we commonly see talking about battles and personal opinions come together, what to they talk about? Well, they talk about sewing a topic that seemingly came out of nowhere but worked well for these two warriors. Vander is a much more professional warrior able to maintain a pretty chill demeanor while Saphir struggles with trauma from her past so his suggestion for her to try sewing to help her train was an interesting idea that really symbolized what a warrior of Saphir’s situation could benefit from a warrior like Vander who is able to stay so well composed. Now that she’s learned to sew I’d love to see what kind of combat techniques Vander could learn from a battle ready warrior who excels in the art of combat.

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