Dragon Goes House Hunting Season One Review: Interesting Concept, Inconsistent Execution

In my random searches of Crunchyroll I came across a show called Dragon Goes House Hunting. With nothing but the title to go by I decided this was an interesting idea and proceeded to binge the show. Now in this series, we have a dragon named Letty who is pretty weak and timid, not just in comparison to other dragons but to pretty much all creatures in general. He suddenly finds himself kicked out of his parent’s home and now much search for a home to call his own. In the process, he comes across a realtor/demon lord Dearia and the two of them venture to find the perfect abode for Letty.

I absolutely love this idea as it is very creative and it’s not really like anything I’ve seen before. It’s a very laid-back show with lots of humor and is clearly designed to be one of those shows that you sit back and just decompress while watching. Now with that being said this show has its high and low points. The high points first of all include Dearia who is such a fun character to watch. He is very witty and charismatic plus the parts where we get to learn more about his back story really help to make Dearia an entertaining and well-rounded character. While Letty gets plenty of moments to show the audience what kind of character he is we run into a very inconsistent situation. In some cases, Letty is genuinely funny and I find myself in hysterics in other times his timidness is to such an extreme point that it becomes quite insufferable at times. The show also features a wide variety of supporting characters and these characters are consistently really great characters and do a great job at adding to the story and showing just how vast the world of this anime really is.

The homes that Letty and Dearia tour are all unique and it’s a lot of fun to watch how creative the writers and animators were in bringing these concepts to life. I mean you have traditional-looking homes, homes in dungeons to even a home way out in the frigid cold. I really thought that this would be something that got old quickly but each home concept is drastically different and offers its unique problems as to why it’s not the perfect home for Letty. The humor in introducing these homes is on point as most of the jokes really hit home. I also love the semi-fourth wall breaks (pun kind of intended) within the story where they make fun of stuff adventurers do which winds up being typical stuff players do in a video game or a tabletop RPG. So in one manner of speaking, it shows what these games are like from the perspective of random monsters within the world and I also found the humor to be really well done here.

Then you have the fact that Letty blunders just about everything and creates a random myriad of situations from suddenly becoming a parent to having an entire kingdom come after him. The randomness of it all and the chaotic nature of how sudden these situations can get out of hand are executed very well. It’s fun to see the situations unfold and what it takes to get out of them. Now I know I’ve harped a bit on Letty as a character but the moments where he messes up a situation is where he is at his most entertaining and frankly almost is great enough to excuse the times where he just annoys me, but sadly Letty is just a tad too much.

So the way the show works as a whole it’s very dependent on being funny very frequently and in many areas it succeeds with fourth wall breaks, snappy remarks, and very well-executed timing of a lot of the jokes. A unqiue concept with a very entertaining cast of characters. The weak part of this series is Letty because at times he is funny and at times I just can’t stand him. If he wasn’t the main character this probably wouldn’t be near as much of an issue since the rest of the show is executed with consistently great humor but where we have to focus almost entirely on Letty his weaknesses as a character sadly really drive the whole show down. If it was a show where it was about Dearia finding a home for Letty showing his perspective instead we might have a much more entertaining anime, but Letty sadly just doesn’t have the chops to be entertaining all the time. So while I love the concept this one downside is enough that I can’t see myself invested in any future seasons of the show.

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