My Isekai Life: I Gained A Second Class and Became The Strong Sage in the World Review

So first of all the title of the show was long enough that I didn’t bother to put a subtitle for the review on it. Now, as some of you know I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2022 which was sponsored by the streaming platform Hidive. Up to the convention I’ve never had a profile with this service but got one in order to get a challenge coin that they offered plus they offered 30 days free for new members at the event. One of the first shows I watched with this service was this one and it was rather interesting.

The show stars a young man named Yuji and as the title suggests he was sent to the world of the show from the world we the viewers are very familiar with. Yuji lived a busy life in the modern world so as a result in this world he just wants to live a pretty low-maintenance life, but his power has no equal and as calamities happen wherever he goes it is up to him and his powers as a monster tamer/ sage to save the land from disaster.

Yuji is a character I initially had no real opinion of because he showed no real characteristics, but as the show progressed it actually explains why that is the case and offers several moments where he drops this emotionless filter and we get to see the real Yuji show up. I found this to be a really interesting aspect of his character but what I really enjoyed was the powers he had and how he used them. He comes into the world as a monster tamer and tames a large number of slimes and through those slimes, he learns all kinds of magic and gains the sage class on top of that. Now aesthetically I love watching Yuji use his powers. He summons these screens that display what the slimes see as well as lists of his powers and he uses them as a touch screen. I was not expecting this show to indulge my tech-loving self but this really hits the mark and he even summons a magic circle to his ear that he uses as a communicator with the slimes. It’s actually a lot of fun to watch him in action because of all of this. Then on top of that, he can channel his magic into his slimes so it’s cool to watch an army of slimes unleash a barrage of spells. Furthermore, he has some really creative applications to his powers that he uses to maintain his image of being some random person in the background rather than this super-powerful sage. Yuji is not the most complicated character but he is one that is really fun to watch. Now his monsters are also all sentient and have personalities of their own but they mostly serve as random banter they are pretty one-note individually but it works well because with so many monsters making them all well-developed characters would be way too much.

The story is not complicated. Yuji is mysteriously sent to a new world and he alone seems to have the means to stop all the threats plaguing the world he was sent to. Now Yuji has no idea he was sent to serve a greater purpose he just accidentally does so while trying to keep a low profile. I do love the approach of how they reveal his time in the modern world slowly instead of all at once at the start of the episode I thought that was a nice touch. Truth be told I normally have more to say about the stories of the various shows I watch but this is not one of them. There’s not really a deeper motive to the story nor are there a lot of complicated characters. So if you’re someone that absolutely has to have a story with various twists and turns I can see where this show might be a deal breaker for you.

Overall I really enjoyed this show quite a bit. Now keep in mind the story and most of the characters in this world are pretty straightforward. The entertainment value of this show comes from the fact that Yuji himself is a lot of fun to watch and his powers are flashy and unpredictable. This is a show that is perfect for someone that wants something easy to follow and purely serves as a means to entertain through absolutely random action scenes. The ending clearly sets up a season two and I’m going to keep an eye out for that.

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