Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 1 Review

I’ve been a fan of Seven Deadly Sins through the entire duration of the anime for the highs and the lows of the incredible story and presentation that we have received so it makes sense that I would watch this as soon as I was able to and my opinion is honestly rather mixed on this one. We continue the story after the end of the final season of Seven Deadly Sins where the star is Tristan the son of the demon Meliodas and the Goddess Elizabeth who are free of their respective curses and were able to find their happily ever after. As Tristan tries to master the pros and cons of having the powers of a demon and a goddess, Elizabeth is stricken with a mysterious curse and a new threat is attacking all the non-human races. Tristan leads the charge to figure out the cause of the problem.

I’m actually going to talk about the animation quality first. I seem to be making more of a habit of talking about this but I’m also watching more shows that have animation styles that are either different or have a quality that I find worth mentioning. In this case, it’s a little of both. A new style of animation was used and it honestly looked pretty good. I wasn’t particularly blown away by any of the animation but frankly, Seven Deadly Sins has rightfully been the subject of a lot of jokes about animation quality so seeing something that was satisfactory by my very forgiving standards is a huge improvement to some of the low animation quality we got from the show that preceded this. We don’t get any huge fights to see the limits of this animation but instead a few fights with low-level grunts. I really want to see what this animation would look like in an intense high-quality fight but we’ll have to wait and see for that.

Because this is a story that shifts the focus away from the Seven Deadly Sins to Tristan and his companions we have a mixture of new and returning characters. I love how the villain of this show is a character that was more a background character in the original anime but the events of the show turned him into a villain and seeing the final product of that is really entertaining. However, you can’t help but compare the main characters to that of the Seven Deadly Sins, and for me, that winds up being a low point at this time. Tristan and Fairy, a comrade that joins up with him later on, are both nice characters but the dynamic these two have is not interesting. I do believe this is intentional and meant to set up character development in subsequent parts but in Seven Deadly Sins when new characters are added to the party the dynamic between the characters is one of the highlights and those impressive character to character to moments that I loved in the original anime are just not present here and I miss that a bit.

The story is interesting. It sets up why Tristan would be so motivated to help with the main conflict and we get to see a wide array of conflicts that Tristan is forced to endure. I love the callbacks to the original anime. The problem is we got very little story to the point that when this ended I verbally voiced frustration at the fact that we got so little to work with in what could be a very entertaining story. This makes it very hard to review because we were mainly just introduced to the major characters involved with the story and got some information about their skills and motivation but beyond that we got nothing. No major fights, no character development, and only one revelation which I get the feeling the creators thought would be a much bigger moment than it actually was. The story here ends with a revelation about Fairy and it gives off the vibe that this was supposed to be a really amazing and shocking moment but it wasn’t. There was a lot of foreshadowing to this and frankly no major reason to care as we just met these characters.

Overall I did enjoy what we got the problem is we got very little. This felt less like part one of a story and more like an extended prologue. I’m sure any subsequent parts will add a lot of value to this but we have to wait till August for that. The fact is until then this part has to stand alone as its own independent source of entertainment and it isn’t enough for it to do so. I don’t like ending something feeling like I didn’t get enough and that’s what happened here so my verdict is if you haven’t watched it yet then don’t. At least not now because you won’t get enough content and I really feel like if this was all they had for part one it was better to wait to release it with part two.

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