Vendor Spotlight: Anime Enthusiasts United

So for this entry to my website, I decided to do something different. Over the years and years that I’ve attended conventions, I’ve become rather familiar with certain vendors that attend a lot of the same events I do and I’ve grown to really appreciate the merch they have as well as the people who run them. After coming to this realization I thought it would be really interesting to devote a part of my site to some of the vendors that I’ve grown to really enjoy what they have to offer in order to help them reach a wider audience and because I always enjoy sharing information about the things I am personally a fan of. The first vendor of this series will be Anime Enthusiasts United (AEU).

AEU features a nice variety of merchandise from mugs and puzzles to prints and water bottles all decorated or designed with the anime fan in mind. They have merch for Naruto, Pokemon, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, and so on. The list goes on and they bring a lot of their merch with them to any event that they go to. What’s amazing is that their prices are also really reasonable. I got my wife a fun 100-piece puzzle that featured Mew from Pokemon for $10 which hardly buys you anything at most conventions, in my experience. What I also like is how their stuff is unique you’re not going to find another vendor with the same merch and that’s always a plus for me because I am always more compelled to buy stuff from a vendor if I’m interested in it and I know for a fact I can’t just go and find it anywhere else plus I know from experience that the merch they have sells out fast so I make sure to visit their booth very quickly when I know they are going to be at an event. If you’re an anime fan looking for an item to just spice up a room a bit then AEU should have something for you and at way better prices than a lot of other vendors.

Now AEU is rather unique because they are more than just a vendor but also an agent for convention bookings. They already have a wide variety of talented actors on their roster such as Joe Ochman from Bleach and Digimon, Phil Parsons from Dragon Ball Z and Fire Force, and a personal friend of mine Brook Chalmers from Demon Slayer and Fire Emblem: Heroes. Actors who are well respected in their most popular roles but are really hard to find at conventions. Case and point I took a six-hour detour after planning a trip just to hit another convention that had Brook Chalmers because I really wanted to meet him. So support for this vendor also means support for their work as an agent which brings people who are harder to find for the avid collector and that’s just a win for everyone.

If you want to know more about AEU you should absolutely join their group on Facebook, I certainly did, and say hi to all the other fans of their work.

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