Anime Expo Day 4 Review by VampireHorde

What it do, party people! It’s your friendly neighborhood bloodsucker bringing the scoop on the final
day of AX. I’m sure you got to read Getmorexp’s (GXP’s) full review of Days 0-2 but now I’m here to discuss Day 4 of the
worldwide sensation known as Anime Expo!
While I’m saddened that I didn’t get to meet up with GXP over the 4th of July weekend while he was in
LA, I did keep in contact with him to stay in the AX loop so that I knew what to expect on the final day.
The main reason I chose a 1-day pass rather than a 4-day pass this time around was because I had gone
to Anime Expo 2019 for all 4 days, and I was downstairs in the autograph hall THE ENTIRE TIME. So,
rather than do that craziness again, I took the last day of AX 2022 and spent all my time in the exhibit
hall. And, because I knew Day 4 would be the slowest and least crowded and you know what? IT WAS

Alright, enough yappin’, let’s get to the cool stuff!

CROWDS/LINES – Lines, lines, everywhere lines. Everyone acts so surprised when the crowd at Anime
Expo fills up, especially the big talkers on social media. HEY, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?!? Yes, there are
lots of people and it can be shoulder-to-shoulder at times, but you know what? That’s what we signed
up for and we are aware of the risks, and we all dealt with them. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

EXHIBIT HALL – The main exhibit hall is where all the magic happens! The exhibit hall was chill (literally)
and walking around was pretty much a breeze. I visited several booths that I knew had the hot merch
like the Atlus, Udon, and Good Smile booths. Sure, those booths aren’t the most cost-friendly
in terms of items to buy but screw it, I had to have their wares. NO, you can’t take my Nezuko acrylic!

COVID CHECK – After seeing most of the unmasked attendees/cosplayers loitering about on the con
floor on Day 4, I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be dead of Covid by the time anyone reads this, but you
know what? I still had a lot of fun! AX is one of the few Los Angeles cons that is a can’t-miss event where
you don’t care what happens afterward! Wait a sec….where’s my wallet???

VOICE ACTORS – Monday was sparse with the leftover talent that decided to stay and sign autographs.
Actors like Faye Mata was at the Toy-Zilla booth signing autos all day (even though she was 40 minutes
LATE) and I still couldn’t have been giddier. Unlike Abby Trott or the LAVA guys or Elizabeth Maxwell
who somehow thought to take the day off on July 4th as if it were an important holiday, I bow down to
Faye Mata for staying for us nerdy fellows. WE LOVE FAYE!

ARTISTS ALLEY – Nope, did not even attempt to visit AA cuz I was too busy in the main hall. Since Day 4
had shortened hours, I just couldn’t waste time looking at the AA stuff. I’m pretty sure I missed out on
some quality merch, but I had to conserve all my weeb energy for the main hall.

WEST HALL/BEER GARDEN/MAID CAFÉ/21 LOUNGE – Nope, didn’t go to this section of the convention
center, either. Too far a walk and fewer things to buy. Did I miss out? Yup, I probably did but don’t really
care cuz I’m shopping for hot goodies!

PANELS – PFFT, I got no time to waste sitting and listening to people gab-gab-gab in a room for an hour!
I got stuff to buy! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

COSPLAY – I’m a videogamer, so it’s awesome when I see cosplayers dressed as videogame characters.
Anime? Not so much. I can’t keep up with all the new anime anyway. BUT NICE COSTUME!

STAFF – I avoid talking to AX staff for numerous reasons. Mostly because everyone is a volunteer and
has no clue what to do/say AND will never have the answer you want. Plus, the volunteer staff have
their own internal office problems to deal with, so I’ll leave it at that.

Overall, Day 4 of AX was chill and relaxed. Now that everyone else got their thrills on Days 1-3, we got to
have the convention all to ourselves on the last day and that’s all that matters. I don’t care what any
loud-mouthed social media elitist says, I HAD A FUN TIME AND YOU DIDN’T.
My only complaint is about the voice actors that were there all weekend EXCEPT for Monday, which is a
kick in the balls for someone like me that wanted to meet these people. Maybe they hate extra money?
But the big question here is: Will I go again next year? HELL TO THE YEAH. Big flaws and all, I wouldn’t
miss it for the world, and I miss it already! Will I go all 4 days? HELL NO! And with the recent
announcement that AX will do ANOTHER convention in November in Ontario, CA I got plans to make!

Written by VampireHorde

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