Resplendent Heroes I’d Love to see in 2022

For the last few years, Fire Emblem Heroes has reimagined many of our favorite characters from the Fire Emblem franchise with outfits based off of civilizations unique to the story of Heroes. These new outfits come with a plus 2 to all stats for that character, new lines, and a look that is sure to be amazing. We’ve received nearly 50 resplendent heroes so far and after seeing a video on Youtube from a friend and fellow content creator Elwindflier I thought I would talk about characters I’d love to get resplendent variations. Now to explain my choice I’m going based off of characters I really like and those I think will work well with the attire I’ve chosen for them. I’m honestly not taking stat boosts into consideration for this list.

10. Dimitri

Dimitri comes from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and I think out of all of the characters from that game no character’s story is best suited for a resplendent form than him. A Hel costume perfectly personifies his experience throughout each route of the game as his entire life is motivated by grieving the loss of his loved ones and a desire for revenge. He’s even on many occasions mentioned himself as a dead man walking so why not give him a costume that takes his metaphorical perception of himself and gives it an epic visual for us to use in Heroes. Plus I find the story similarities between him and Lif rather poetic.

9. Soren

Soren comes from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and I actually have a rather unique idea for this character. As of the time of writing this, we haven’t seen many resplendent heroes with costumes based off of the characters in book five (I know the name of the area but spelling it is a nightmare) of Fire Emblem: Heroes. Since book five is set in a steampunk-like setting, which is very futuristic in comparison to what we’ve seen from the franchise, it makes sense to give a look inspired by this area to one of the franchises most intellectual characters.

8. Volke

Volke | Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki - GamePress

Volke is also from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and my reasoning for this character is actually rather simplistic but I find it too perfect to resist. A Muspell look would be perfect for him as he is also commonly known as the Fireman. Why not give this iconic character a look that matches the alias?

7. Erk

Erk comes from Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade, or just Fire Emblem for the western audience. With Erk I actually would love to see him don attire from Nifl just because it is such a strong contrast to the bright red color of his outfit that we are used to. The Nifl design actually really fits Erk as a character to because much like the deity the country is named after, Erk tends to be rather cold in many situations but deep down has a very compassionate personality to him.

6. Tharja

Tharja is from Fire Emblem: Awakening and I think she would benefit from a design based off of the antagonists of book four. I also know the name, but spelling it is also a nightmare. A lot of Tharja’s thoughts and actions are very much the stuff of nightmares for the characters around her as she curses them and can be overall a terrifying person to be around. It makes perfect sense to give her a costume based off of characters representing the darker dreams of humankind.

5. Henry

Henry - Fire Emblem Wiki

Henry who is also from Fire Emblem: Awakening, would look amazing in an outfit based off of the protagonists from book four. Even though the stuff Henry says is dark in nature the manner in which he expresses them is anything but. I feel like the contrast of what he says versus a bright and cheery outfit and demeanor would make for a very entertaining experience in the world of Heroes.

4. Mae

Mae - Fire Emblem Wiki

Mae comes from Fire Emblem Echos: Shadows of Valentia and in my opinion she really could use an update as she is an awesome character, but nothing has been done with her since her debut in Heroes. She was easily one of my favorite characters in her game so I’d love to see more done with her and I think an Askr attire would be an interesting new design choice for her.

3. Kiria

Kiria | Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki - GamePress

Kiria comes from the spin-off title Tokyo Mirage Sessions a game that I think deserves more attention than what it gets. Kiria, who bonds with a performa based off of Tharja, would be perfect for a Nifl attire as part of her original act in the game was to give off a bit of a cold performance in an attempt to look cool, pun intended. However, as you grow closer to the character you find she actually is a very complex individual with a wide variety of interests but still commonly seen using ice abilities. So with her story background and her affinity for ice it seems like the perfect combination.

2. Lif

Líf | Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki - GamePress

Lif is actually an original character from Fire Emblem: Heroes and one of my personal favorites. So far the resplendent heroes have given reimagined versions of characters from other Fire Emblem games; however, why can’t it do the same for original characters. Lif is in many ways a redesigned character since he is an alternate reality version of Alfonze so why not see what other forms the character can take. I’d personally love to see what would happen if you mix this character with inspiration from book five’s design.

  1. The Black Knight
Black Knight | Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki - GamePress

The Black Knight comes from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and with his armor he has one of my favorite character designs in the entire Fire Emblem series. I would honestly be happy with any redesign but in particular, I’d love a design that takes inspiration from books three or five of Heroes. I don’t really have a complex reason here I just want to see an attempt made to give this awesome look an equally awesome alternative.

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