Soda City Comic Con 2021 Review: Cozy but Unlucky

So in a rare case, I wound up attending two conventions last weekend. The first was Anime Weekend Atlanta which you can see the review for that here, and this convention. Unlike Anime Weekend Atlanta this was my first time going to Soda City Comic Con so I had no real expectations going into this event, but I was pretty exhausted because doing two conventions in one weekend was a lot harder this time around than the last time I did it.


Vendors were on the small size but I was impressed with the variety. I even found a Fire Emblem DVD of the Fire Emblem anime, I kind of suspect it’s a bootleg copy since it was $10 but I still really wanted to watch it, and honestly I really couldn’t say for certain. They had a wide array of hand-crafted merch as well as video games and various status and collectibles. Normally at events like these you don’t really see a lot of anime representation but in this case it had a nice blend of pop culture and anime and I quite enjoyed that. The vendors was spacious so shopping was easy and effortless so overall this was quite a win.


The guest list was pretty cool as it had quite a few people from My Hero Academia as well as two other actors that represented Star Wars and the Adams Family, but the actor who played Wednesday had to cancel. Now because of the My Hero Academia cast present this was a good guest list for myself and my wife; however, I will note that for a comic con style convention having almost every single guest representing just one show and the respective things the individual members were also in was a little unusual. Most of the time comic cons try to get a variety of talent as a way of having a little bit of something for everyone, but out of the original guest list, five of the seven guests (counting the one that canceled) were from My Hero. Again it was great for me but this works more for an anime or a My Hero convention as apposed to a comic con. Plus this is where the convention being unlucky comes into play because a flight issue happened for all of the My Hero people and none of them were able to appear on the final day so this convention saw the biggest percentage of guests canceling that I’ve ever seen. Now I’ve seen conventions that were cursed with cancellations and like all of them it’s not the fault of the convention; however, in this case, because of those cancellations, the event was down to one guest on the final day of this two-day event which is a pretty significant result.


Panels were a bit of a letdown as they only really had about five or six panels for the whole weekend. They had some interesting fan ran panels but the only panel that really caught my attention was the My Hero panel which was a lot of fun, but it was also the only panel I had any desire to go to.

Overall this was a fun event and from what I’ve heard this is the conventions third year so it was rather well run, but due to how new it is it’s still plagued by its size so it’s going to take an impressive guest list to get me back to this event since it’s five hours away from home. There’s just not enough to do at this convention to justify the trip unless it has people I really want to see. I spent about two hours at this convention and I did everything I could have possibly wanted to do and one hour of that was the My Hero panel.

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