Indy Popcon 2021 Review: I Wish I Did This Sooner

So because Indy Popcon is only about five hours away from home and it looked like a lot of fun, it’s an event that has been on my radar for awhile. Sadly for most of that time something always conflicted with it, but this year I was able to go and I was honestly really happy that I did. Indy Popcon is a con that features a wide variety of celebrities and events that span multiple entertainment genres from comic books, to TV, video games, anime and more and there was quite a lot to do there.

First of all I was honestly really happy with the guest list. It was the first time guests like David Matranga and Elizabeth Maxwell were close enough to where I was at on a date I could go to the event to I leaped at the chance to meet them. I was honestly surprised at the list and how much variety their was. They had members of the band The Ramones, voice actors from Red Dead Redemption, My Hero Academia and classics like Pinky and the Brain to TV stars from Charmed and Power Rangers. The guest list featured a little something for everyone and the autograph lines ran smoothly. Because the guests signed for most of the day it was rare to see a line that was incredibly long so I think the most I had to wait was about 20 minutes total which really isn’t bad at all in comparison to some lines where you have to line up an hour early just to get a chance to get a spot in line that makes you wait 20 minutes before seeing the guest.

The vendors were really good as well. A variety of stuff that made each vendor a lot of fun to shop at. I found up finding some Fire Emblem stuff to buy and my wife got some stuff for Golden Girls, Harry Potter and Hocus Pocus. We went through the vendors several times and found a lot of stuff to buy and a lot of stuff we wish we could have gotten but couldn’t. We keep a set budget for shopping so we don’t go overboard. I did wind up getting quite a few of the business cards so I can look up the vendors at a later date though. I also liked how the vendors were spaced out. I think only once did I really feel crowded and that was because a nearby vendor had a lot of shoppers at the time. The rest of the time shopping was a breeze and I felt comfortable and had an easy time looking through everything. I really didn’t feel like I missed anything which is not something I say often about vendors.

I didn’t do any panels this year mainly because I got caught up in everything else and taking pictures of cosplayers. I will say that the panels looked awesome as they had panels on cosplay photography, interviews with the guests, and a variety of fan panels. They looked fun but I was too preoccupied to remember them when I was actually at the event.

Now I actually want to bring up a couple of things I don’t talk about in all my reviews. First is the hotel because we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis and we loved our stay there. It was one of the few convention hotels we went to with an actual hot tub so after a busy day at the convention we just relaxed and had a soothing time before taking a dip in the pool. Plus it was close to the con and had really comfortable beds. The second thing I want to mention is the atmosphere of the con. Now I honestly don’t know if this is normal for this event or if this was an unusual year, but everyone was especially nice and complementary at this event. My wife and I didn’t cosplay or wear or do anything special, but in the span of a few hours I got compliments on my camera, autograph collection, back pack and my demeanor and my wife got complements on her outfit and the merch she bought. Everyone was just super friendly and it made me enjoy this event even more.

Overall this is a con that caters to a variety of interests so it’s easy to find something you like here. I went for one day and managed to do everything I wanted and had a great time doing it and I’m honestly putting this on the list of potential events to go to next year. The event was fun, the people were great and the hotel was next door and provided a great way to relax after all the events. It takes a solid approach to every aspect of a convention and does them great I highly recommend this event.

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