Convention Stories: Tribute to Brad Venable

So I woke up today and quickly learned of the passing of Brad Venable. Brad was in a lot of things but I knew his work best from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Astral Chain. I had the pleasure of meeting him just once so I don’t know him nearly as well as so many others, but I wanted to pay my respects. Today I’ve seen so many people pay tribute to him with artwork, tales of acting together and memories of his kindness. However, I cannot draw nor act. What I can do is write and so for my contribution to the ever growing love for Brad I’ve decided to tell my enjoyable experience of meeting this incredible person.

The above picture was what let to my encounter with Brad. I went to Anime Impulse as part of a series of trips I went with my wife on our Honeymoon. I was excited to meet him because he was part of a series that is very sentimental to me. I lucked out and saw there wasn’t a long line and quickly walked up to the table he and Joe Brogie had. I myself being a heavyset guy I couldn’t resist joking in reference to the above Tweet. I tell him “I’m confused seeing as how I’m wanting to meet a self proclaimed fat guy next to Joe Brogie; however, I find that I’m the fat guy next to Joe.” Brad and I both had an incredible laugh over this as he challenged me to a quote, “fat off.” We had a great time conversing about the stuff he was in and it was very easy for me to tell that he was a kind individual with a personality that brought out the best in others. Sorry that this story is short, I only met him once but I will always remember the great time I had all the same.

Today I learned a lot more about Brad. All over Twitter I saw stories of how he expressed kindness and compassion to his peers, inspiration for many in the voice over community and warmth to those who needed a random act of kindness. I saw many Tweets showing his excitement for his craft and more of the incredible talent he brought to it than what I have previously seen. What is undeniable is that his kindness is an inspiration for those around him and he deserves the upmost respect. He will be greatly missed. Thanks for being awesome Brad I am really thankful I got to meet you.

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