Five Major Anime Villians that were Unknowingly Outmatched

It seems to be a norm that the grunts and lower-ranked villains in anime go down in one sometimes two shots. However, when that happens to a much bigger threat it makes for a shocking twist. Here are some moments where major anime villains endured harsh beat downs at someone they thought they easily outmatched. This will have spoilers.


Dragon Ball Super' Just Saw [SPOILER] Save Freeza

While Frieza was easily the most dominant force on Dragon Ball Z for an extended period of time and even had one of the most amazing fights in anime history. However, after his defeat at the hands of Goku his arrogance didn’t decrease but his standing in power level to everyone else did. When Frieza comes to earth to enact his revenge he is greeted by Trunks from the future who makes short work of the infamous villain. If that wasn’t bad enough he comes back once again in Dragonball Super and gets beaten very easily by both Goku and Vegeta then later on in the tournament of power by Toppo and Jiren then again by Broly in the Broly movie. Frieza went from someone who was the strongest to someone who believed he was the strongest and was far from it.


Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season Episode 13 Discussion - Forums -

Overhaul had a serious advantage when he started off with his fight against Deku in My Hero Academia; however, all that changed when Deku was able to rescue Eri from his clutches. Eri’s power to reverse anything to a previous state was perfect for someone who’s power constantly injured him and it enabled him to continuously use 100% of his power for the first time. The tables turned quickly on Overhaul as Deku made short work of this incredibly powerful villain with a barrage of punches that sent him crashing to the ground in defeat.


Escanor vs Estarossa 「AMV」 Seven Deadly Sins [Nanatsu no Taizai] HD -  YouTube

Estarossa a member of a group called the Ten Commandments in Seven Deadly Sins already defeated the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas, quite easily and intended to do the same to anyone else who stood in his way. He was gifted with the power of a commandment which would reduce the power of anyone who came at him with hate to nothing. However, his luck ended when the Sin of Pride Escanor decided to go one on one with him. Escanor has so much pride that he cannot hate someone he believes is weaker than himself, which is everyone. Turns out that arrogance was not unfounded because while Estarossa managed to reflect a few of Escanor’s blows back against him, Escanor was unmoved by any action taken by Estarossa and easily made short work of him.


Battle - Yusuke Demon vs Sensui [HARDTRAP] - YouTube

Like many anime villains, Sensui had every advantage going into his fight with all of the heroes of Yu Yu Hakusho; however, a wild card presented itself in the battle which proved fatal for Sensui. Turns out the main character Yusuke is a distant descendant of a great and powerful demon who is still alive. This demon decides to hijack Yusuke’s body and show just what kind of power it’s really capable of. Sensui eagerly awaits this new form but quickly learns how outmatched he is as he is thrown, gut-punched, headbutted, and manhandled like a rag doll before sent flying with a powerful attack that sends him miles away from the battlefield. It was easily one of the most savage anime beat downs of all time.


Ichigo Kurosaki vs Aizen - Bleach Picture (212523)

Aizen betrayed the heroes in Bleach and wanted to be all powerful, as such the entire force of the Soul Society, and its allies, waged war against him but anyone who went up against Aizen was easily defeated. However, the main character Ichigo gets a serious power boost when he learns a move called the final Getsuga Tenshou. The battle waged on as Aizen kept proclaiming he was superior in every way but when Ichigo easily stopped his attacks one after another we had to watch as Aizen had a serious case of denial right up till the end when Ichigo unleashes his most powerful attack which ends the battle very quickly.

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