Nintendo Exclusive Games that Deserve a Sequel

Nintendo has a wide variety of exclusive games that continue to go on and on and manage to produce amazing titles almost regularly; however, there are other games that have appeared solely on Nintendo consoles that have either stopped long before fans wanted them to or did not get any sort of continuation at all.  For this list, I wanted to look at some games that appeared only on a Nintendo console that should be continued in some form or another.

5. Project X Zone

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While there is no confirmation if this series will continue, it’s been three years since the release of Project X Zone 2 and we haven’t heard any news of a Project X Zone 3. This series does a great job of bringing so many characters together for one amazing crossover.  You have Chrom and Lucina from Fire Emblem fighting alongside Yuri and Flynn from Tales of Vesperia and so many more unusual combinations.  The game is a unique turn-based tactical game that has you inputting commands at specific times to get the most out of each attack.  Furthermore, the game has so much content and so many callbacks to all of the series that are represented.  Project X Zone really is a love letter for gaming fans.

4. Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X was a unique version of the Xenoblade Chronicles series.  Even though it’s a part of Xenoblade it really stands apart from both Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2.  The play style has some variations but what really makes this game different is how it has more of a spiderweb storyline.  In the other Xenoblade Chronicle games you have a very complex but linear story that drives your characters from one point to another.  Now I have no complaints about this and I think all of the Xenoblade Chronicle games are some of the finest work on Nintendo, but Xenoblade Chronicles X makes a huge departure from that.  In X the game has a linear storyline but you really need to hunt down more of the side quests in order to really have a firm grasp of how massive the game and its story really is.  You’ll learn things about the characters, world, and lore in the side quests that you’ll never find out if you just play the main story.  A subset of fans took issue with this departure and as a result, we are left with a massive cliff hanger in Xenoblade Chronicles X with no notice of a sequel to explain the multitude of questions we have about the ending.

3. Megaman Battle Network

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Now with this, we’ve already been given six wonderful games that concluded an amazing story of a unique variation of Megaman, but this series really has a way of being able to add more content and I think a sequel could do very well on the Switch.  This variation of Megaman is a program that travels the internet and fights viruses and other Net Navis like himself. Megaman fights with his partner in the real world Lan and the two use a collection of battle chips to create powerful attacks.  The game really has a combination of Megaman with an RPG twist and some Pokemon elements.  We did get some sort of spiritual successor with Megaman Star Force, but while entertaining, it did not have the same flair and entertainment value of the Battle Network series.

2. Tokyo Mirage Sessions

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A Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei crossover should be one of the most amazing things to ever happen, but the crossover did not get near the attention that the developers were hoping for.  This was a fun game that really felt like a Persona game with Fire Emblem cameos, but it was also so different from either franchise that it was hard to identify where this crossover fit with either fan base.  I for one loved this game and would love to see what would happen if a sequel was ever made.  The game mechanics had a nice Persona feel to them with a mixture of Fire Emblem elements and it was fun seeing my favorite Fire Emblem characters in a new light.

1. Golden Sun

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Golden Sun is an absolutely beautiful series with great characters, story, and gameplay. I honestly do not have an explanation as to why this series did not sell more games than it did, but that is why we haven’t heard anything about a Golden Sun 4.  Like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Golden Sun 3 ended on a cliff hanger and we are left with an incomplete story.  This is actually the main reason I want Isacc from Golden Sun to be playable in Super Smash Brothers so that we can have some sort of popularity increase that revives this series.  What makes Golden Sun so special is how well it dives into the unique personalities of so many characters and brings them together in a world-saving adventure where you see a wide variety of different cultures, powers, and puzzles.

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