Convention Survival Guide Part 4: Con Etiquette

At this point we’ve got an idea of what con you want to go to, where you’re staying, how to get there and what you’re going to do at the con so really this final part of my guide is mostly so you get an idea of how to treat your fellow con goers because it’s very important to respect the other people around you.

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You’ve got your basics such as be kind and polite to people and for the most part you’re going to see this all over the convention.  You’re going to bump into several people while you’re walking the con floor so try to be nice and apologize when that happens.  Sorry is a word that you’ll hear a lot at these events for that very reason.  Another thing I want to add is don’t insult other people’s fandoms.  Every convention has that person that just can’t be nice to people that likes something different, but nobody enjoys that person’s company.  If you’re talking to someone with different interests then chime in the best you can.  I often find myself talking about shows and games I’ve never heard of and in fact I find some interesting new things to get into.  Plus one of the exciting parts about convention going is the fact that the multitude of fandoms coexist under one building and are celebrated in unison.

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I want to also bring up the phrase, Cosplay is not consent.  This is a common thing that conventions emphasis because it addresses a very serious problem regarding con etiquette.  A lot of cosplayers wind up exposing a significant amount of skin in order to assume the identify of their respective character and some people for some reason think this is an open invitation to take pictures, touch or speak to said cosplayer in an inappropriate manner.  Keep in mind that if they are cosplaying they are still people and should be treated with respect whether they are in costume or not.  If it’s something you shouldn’t say or do without consent outside of a convention I assure you it’s the same way at the conventions.


The final point I want to make is to be respectful to the convention staff.  It’s easy to be annoyed with these people sometimes, and honestly some of these people have annoyed me from time to time.  The thing is to still treat them with respect as best as you can because most of these people are not trying to be disrespectful, just trying to do their job.  The last thing these people need is an angry convention goer fussing over something that they are trying to resolve.  Convention attendees can be overwhelming for staff no matter how prepared the convention is so patience for these people is a must.

Overall if you want to show good convention etiquette then it’s a matter of just respecting the people at the convention.  Don’t be rude to other fandoms, treat cosplayers with respect.  It really isn’t hard to have good convention etiquette, but keep in mind we have phrases like cosplay is not consent because we have so many people that fail to be nice to others at these events.

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