‘Fire Emblem: Warriors’ Revealed Eight Possible Playable Characters

We really got some big news for Fire Emblem with Fire Emblem: Warriors; however, it appears on the surface that the trailer didn’t give us a whole lot to theorize on. With a further look into the nit picky details of the trailer it actually gave us a lot that we can hope for with this upcoming crossover game.

The first one is pretty clear with the first orb showing the version of Falchion which indicates that the sword and possibly it’s wielders are in the game. This means that not only will we get Chrom, who actually shows up in the trailer, but it’s highly likely that his daughter Lucina will play a role in the game. Especially since this game will cross the boundaries of space and time within the Fire Emblem series, what better character to include than the one that actually traveled in time.

This one is not so clear, while it’s a version of the Yato from Fire Emblem: Fates all that really tells us is that Corrin is likely to be in the game but if we take a closer look at the blade the gems are clearly a blue tint. This makes this the Alpha Yato a form the blade takes when exposed to the weapon held by Takumi, everyone’s favorite ill tempered archer. So this one image clearly indicates two more characters in the game.

This image is a little harder to make out but it appears to be the sword used by Ryoma in Fire Emblem: Fates. So it’s likely that he’ll make an appearance in the game.

WThis continues what we saw earlier, where the last blade belonged to Ryoma this one is clearly Xander’s weapon. Now that we have hints of three of the four main siblings from Fire Emblem: Fates so it’s unlikely they would leave out the fourth so we should also see an appearance from Leo as well.

The final orb also featured Falchion but this was the one used by Marth. Even though this pretty much confirms Marth will be in the game, the fact that he’s the face of the franchise makes him the obvious choice to add to a game featuring characters from numerous Fire Emblem games.

We also see a lot of emphasis on this version of the Fire Emblem and the orbs that are contained within it. This version of the emblem can be seen in the Fire Emblem games that feature Marth and Chrom; however, the orbs were only a major point in one of Marth’s game and Chrom’s. It’s more likely that this is a reference to their use in Awakening mainly because out of the two games that featured them Awakening was the only one released worldwide. We can also deduce that at least one of the villains associated to Marth and Chrom will appear. Both times the orbs powered up the emblem it was to enhance the main character’s power to defeat an evil dragon, mainly because the emblem grants the power to have increased attack power against them. Since Marth’s enemy Medeus appeared in the only other Fire Emblem spin off Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE it’s likely he will appear once again as for the other character that was defeated by this emblem, Grima, it’s hard to say but with the popularity of his alter ego Robin it’s a good bet one if not both of them will show up.

So while the trailer was barely a minute we can get a close look at it and make some really big predictions as to what characters will appear. So far it looks like we have numerous possibly playable characters as well as two possible enemies to deal with. It makes me interested to see how these characters interact with one another and what it would take to bring them all together in the first place.

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