Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation Review


I know it took awhile to beat this one but I finally managed to get to the end of the final version of Fire Emblem Fates. Since this one was a digital only game it left many people frustrated and wondering why it was not available in a physical copy. Not only will I go through my thoughts on the game but I actually found that there was a good reason why this was digital only.

First I want to talk about the gameplay which was just as awesome as the other two. The gameplay is still just as consistent as the other two games and was enjoyable from start to finish. I found the difficulty to be more balanced so it wasn’t brutal like Conquest nor easy like in Birthright which made the gameplay at times a little more enjoyable. I will say this; the final boss is by far the most tenacious Fire Emblem boss I’ve seen to date. Seriously the final boss would not go down and it was an all-out brawl against it.

The story was surprising and took some turns that I didn’t expect. I loved every bit of it and it made itself to be completely unique from both Conquest and Birthright but still just as entertaining. I can see why it is recommended to play the other two games first. You really grow attached to the characters in both games during their respective stories and some of the sad moments in both of the games really made you feel a since of regret almost for choosing a side in the conflict between Nohr and Hoshido but in Revelations since you don’t pick a side you get to recruit all the characters and that moment when you have everyone working together was absolutely amazing. I think by playing the other versions first made the moment where all the characters united that much better. This is also why I agree that Revelations needs to be digital only. You need to play at least one if not both of the other versions of the game before playing this.

Overall not only did I love this game but I can say with confidence that this is my favorite of the three versions, but only because I played the other two first. The experience of playing all three versions was amazing but not without its flaws. The biggest one is the fact that there was so much content that it’s easy to just forgo some of it to play more of the game. In my case I wasn’t all that focuses on unlocking the children characters. It was a nice gimmick in Awakening but it loses its glamour in Fates. Also it is a lot of Fire Emblem and as a fan I loved that but because it’s so much and because it made such a unique experience in the series I would rather see this unique to Fates.

So my final verdict is that all three of these games are a must have for an RPG or a Strategy game fan, but you really need to get all the versions to get the full effect and so it’s a series that unless you plan to devote some time and the money for three games, do not get it. If playing three games is ok with you then definitely get a copy of them. Each one is amazing and it’s really incredible how all the games are so different from one another. This became my personal favorite game in the series.

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