The Hero Con: A Strong First Year

So my preface is going to be a little longer than normal because I have quite a bit of background information to talk about. First of all I was torn between going to this and Wasabicon during the same weekend and that was because both of these events were kind enough to follow me. This […]

Tales of Arise Review

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the Tales series and of the incredible storytelling that you’ll find in each game. So not only am I quick to buy a Tales game when it comes out but it also means my standards are pretty high for what kind of experience I expect. In […]

More XPodcast Episode 9: How I Review Conventions

In this episode I go into the details as to what criteria I use to review conventions and what determines what events I go back to. Overall both are determined by how easily I can do things but return trips are also based on how expensive and time-consuming the trip is versus the size of […]