Vendor Spotlight: Anime Enthusiasts United

So for this entry to my website, I decided to do something different. Over the years and years that I’ve attended conventions, I’ve become rather familiar with certain vendors that attend a lot of the same events I do and I’ve grown to really appreciate the merch they have as well as the people who […]

Convention Rankings 2022

With the end of Yama Con, my conventions for 2022 are done and I won’t be attending another one till the middle of January 2023 so with that we’ve reached the point where I rank all of the conventions I went to this year. Now like in previous years when I did my reviews of […]

Yama Con 2022 Review: 10 Years Going Strong

So, another year has come and gone, and I end my year of conventions once again at Yama Con. While this is a convention, I am very well familiar this year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event, which means expect something bigger to celebrate such a big milestone. Now Yama Con is one […]