Lexington Toy and Comic-Con 2022 Review: Another Successful Year

My first convention of 2022 and we return to Lexington Toy and Comic-Con for the seventh time. Lexington is an event I can best describe with the phrase “ole reliable” because with the exception of one year I’ve had an absolutely amazing time at this event and this year is no different. There is a reason why I go to this event every single year and it’s partly because of how close to home it is and also due to just how certain I am that I’m going to have a great time.

The layout of the convention was exactly the same as it was in 2021 which is actually a really good thing as this is one of, if not the easiest layout for a convention that I’ve seen. Everything in this convention is divided into three floors but what makes this so convenient is how you can just walk in a straight line which includes escalators to get to each floor and just stop on the floor with the attraction you want and follow the signs to the correct room. Frankly, you would have to put out a lot of effort to get lost at this event and that’s not counting the fact that they provide a series of handy videos on their Facebook page which describes how they are organized with every possible detail you would need.

The guest list is also amazing. You have people from My Hero Academia, Boy Meets World, Pokemon and I finally had a chance to meet Zach Aguilar. I’ve been hoping to meet him for some time but never had the chance till now. The autographing area is very organized as most of the guests are all together in one room. In this room foot traffic goes in a counter-clockwise rotation around the autograph tables. It’s really easy to walk around in as there’s plenty of space not dedicated to autograph lines and everything is clearly labeled. Guests sign for as long as they want as long as they don’t have another commitment at the convention and while I went on the busiest day I was in and out of all the lines with incredible speed. The Pokemon actors were all on the top floor, which actually worked out really well for me. This year I brought the giant Snorlax plushy that I got in 2021 in Huntsville since the voice of Snorlax would be here and not having to do down two escalators to get Snorlax to him was really nice.

I didn’t do any panels again this year because honestly, Lexington is not really the kind of event I go to in order to watch panels. I know I don’t often do panels in general but because I drive up to Lexington and drive home all in one day I personally see this more as a social event so I find myself more invested in doing things where I can actively talk to people and panels aren’t really the place for that. I do like how they have a variety of Q&A panels and some nice cosplay panels though and they have some pretty cool events.

Shopping was also a lot of fun this year. I got to see some vendors that I’ve really grown to become good friends with over the years like Loading Crew Crafts and Colorworld and my collection of Colorworld Merch grew. There was a lot of space to shop at too. I was actually walking around with the giant Snorlax plushy and even with something as bulky as that I had no issue with walking around and looking at stuff. I’ve been to a lot of stuff where you’re barely able to do that in a normal setting so this really says a lot about how the organization of this event was really attendee-oriented.

Overall this was another successful year at Lexington. I came to get autographs, do some shopping and converse with other fans and I got to do that till I got everything I wanted out of this event. I plan to go to this event again next year in 2023 and even though it hasn’t happened yet I’m already expecting that year to go well too.

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