More XPodcast Episode 12: 2022 is Here. Rough Start but I’m Still Hopeful

So in this episode, I talk about how 2022 is here but honestly, even though it’s still January, this year has gotten off to a rocky start and even continued to be a bit rough after I finished recording this episode. This month has involved grief, stress, struggles, and just after recording car trouble and food poisoning. I’m still hoping that the rest of the year is great since a lot of great games and anime are coming out. Including the return of Bleach which I’m sure will be amazing but I’m hoping it features the return of David Lodge as Kenpachi because when fans fell in love with the character it was when he brought him to life so naturally the nostalgia with such a lovable character also comes with the voice that started said nostalgia. Plus I’m still super excited for AVOX, but I talked about that last episode so I only briefly mention that.

Art by @demonspawnn13 on Twitter

Banner by @dragonhustled on Twitter

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