Convention Stories: My Worst Convention Experience

So if you read the first Convention Story you found out that I obtained a flyer for an event called Fandomfest. Being new to the convention scene I had no understanding of how conventions were ran and this one taught me a valuable lesson on what happens when one is ran poorly. I went with […]

Fairytail The Video Game Review

I am a huge fan of the Fairytail anime series so when I saw that the Nintendo Switch was getting a video game adaptation that featured some of my favorite moments from the show, I had to get a copy. The anime features a wizard guild known as Fairytail and tells their story of how […]

Top Six Anime Tournaments

Just the word tournament is enough to get you excited about a specific arc in anime and many tournaments mark some of the high points of their respective shows. Given how amazing they are it was only a matter of time before I gave it some thought as to what I think were the best […]