Top Five Emotional Moments of Anime

Anime has a wide range of moments that just hit us deeply on the emotional level.  These moments are often found at major climactic moments of a show and can fundamentally change how the show continues from that point forward.  Now all of these are based on my own opinion and my reasoning for these […]

X Box Series X Gameplay?

So today Microsoft released a 27-minute long video showcasing the “Gameplay” of some of their upcoming titles.  Now as you can tell I primarily play my games on Nintendo consoles but I actively keep up with news on what Sony and Microsoft are developing.  I own an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 4 so usually, […]

Five Nintendo Characters That Would Have Persona 5 Palaces

Joker from Persona 5 being added to the Super Smash Brothers roster makes for an interesting combination of characters, but with his inclusion, I had to wonder which Nintendo characters would have palaces?  Palaces in Persona 5 are manifestations of extreme thoughts that twist the thinker’s views into seeing the world in a drastically distorted […]