Mario Kart Tour Beta Review

It’s certainly an interesting time when we see Nintendo create app versions of some of their amazing games.  The newest Nintendo franchise to make its way to android and apple devices is Mario Kart and recently Nintendo opened up a closed Beta.  Luckily I was able to snag a download of the beta and I […]

Nintendo Exclusive Games that Deserve a Sequel

Nintendo has a wide variety of exclusive games that continue to go on and on and manage to produce amazing titles almost regularly; however, there are other games that have appeared solely on Nintendo consoles that have either stopped long before fans wanted them to or did not get any sort of continuation at all.  […]

Detective Pikachu Review: A Joyful Experience

Usually, when a video game transitions to the big screen, the transition results into some sort of abomination that somewhat sounds like the video games we have come to love.  So naturally, I was very concerned about how well this movie was going to turn out.  Luckily this movie was every bit the Pokemon experience […]

Top Five Anime Intellectuals

In anime, we often get involved with all of the high paced and intense fight scenes; however, we also get battles of wit that can leave an audience breathless.  These characters can use their minds to see so far ahead in a situation that they seemingly win the battle before it ever begins. 5. Izuku […]