Top Five Anime One on One Battles

Anime contains all kinds of fights, but some of the most emotional or spectacular battles occur when two foes face off one on one. These fights tend to really highlight the feelings, skills and motives of the individual characters involved and usually finds ways of improving character development in the process.  Spoilers will be present. […]

Top Five Spring Fire Emblem Heroes Designs

Every spring Fire Emblem Heroes makes Spring/Easter themed redesigns of our favorite Fire Emblem characters.  Some work out really well, while others not so much.  In the spirit of spring and Easter I wanted to make a list of my top five spring designs for these characters. 5. Xander I really like this design a […]

Top Five Anime Last Stands

A last stand, a moment where you are up against seemingly unbeatable odds, running is not an option and you must stand and fight with everything you’ve got.  These moments are some of the most jaw dropping conclusions of fights all across anime lore and I’ve made a list of my top five best last […]