My Top Five Generation 1 Pokemon

To make a top list of all the Pokemon in the world would be tough, but taking things generation by generation makes things much easier.  In this list I’ll only be looking at the original 151 Pokemon.  As someone that has liked Pokemon since the beginning I am quite excited to make this list. 5. […]

Five Most Intimidating Fire Emblem Antagonists

Over the years Fire Emblem has created numerous enemies for you to slay during the course of each game.  While most of these enemies are one off bosses that are very forgettable, a few of these enemies appear for a majority of the game and manage to create a terrifying impression either.  This is a […]

Five Best Swords of Nintendo

Swords are an amazing weapon featured in thousands and thousands of games.  Nintendo has quite a few swords that have established a reputation for either their uniqueness or by how iconic they are to their respective series.  This list will contain swords that are only featured on games exclusive to Nintendo. Aegislash A Pokemon that’s […]

Deathnote the Live Action Movie Review

I had some spare time and was going through Netflix and decided to watch the Deathnote live action movie.  Now I knew going in that the movie had some really horrible criticism and I was wondering if it really was as bad as people say.  Good news, it wasn’t, bad news it was worse. Deathnote […]