My 10 Favorite Megaman: Battle Network Moments

Megaman has had several variations but for me the Battle Network series was my favorite.  While it doesn’t receive as much love as some of the other variations it has managed to find a special place in my game collection and one of the few series that I actively kept up with from start to […]

B The Beginning Review

So now that I’m venturing more into anime topics I thought I’d take the time to review my first series.  B the Beginning is about a detective Keith Flick who is trying to solve a series of murders caused by someone known as Killer B only to find that there’s a mysterious third party in […]

My Five Favorite Bleach Zanpakuto

Bleach has had numerous zanpakuto in the series and all of them with powerful and unique effects.  Not only are each of the powers unique but we also see how each blade comes with its own individual personality.  With so many swords it’s easy to find a few that are just amazing and I’ve made […]

Light’s Greatest Mistakes in Death Note

Light Yagami is one of the most intelligent protagonists in the history of anime and he has managed to do what few characters have done, do the most absolute vile actions and managed to still be adored by fans everywhere; however, Light’s full proof plan had very few but very huge flaws which ultimately led […]

Convention Survival Guide Part 3: Planning and Budgeting your Con

Now that you know what convention you’re going to and where you’re going to stay during the event, you get into the heavy planning stages of the convention experience. First we’ll talk about budgeting the event.  While planning usually takes more time you also have to wait till the convention releases an official schedule to […]