Seven Blazing Fire Emblem Facts

Due to Fire Emblem’s recent popularity many fans are aware of Fire Emblem Awakeningand many of the secrets and hidden gems it has to offer; however, Fire Emblem has an incredible amount of lore spanning the multiple games released worldwide and the many more released only in Japan. We’re going to go through a few […]

MatusuriCon 2016 Review

So I got to attend Maturicon in Columbus Ohio. Maturicon is an anime convention and this years theme was pirates. This convention had some great things to talk about put also some things that just didn’t hit the mark or just flat out caused a chaotic mess.  So with that I’ll break down the individual […]

Make Characters Good Not Unique

A common complaint I’ve seen regarding many video games is the lack of original characters.  Many video games seem to have very similar character archetypes and many fans don’t  care for that, but if you really think about it that really was not the issue at all.  It’s rare to really find a video game […]

‘Pokémon Go’ Did What ‘Miitomo’ Failed To Do

                 Nintendo currently has three apps out to date, but Pokémon Shuffle already gained popularity as a 3DS game long before it became an app so for the purposes of this article we’ll just focus on the two apps exclusively on the app store. Miitomo started Nintendo’s mobile […]