‘Pokemon Go’ Player And Veteran Feud At Memorial Park.

Earlier this week Pokemon Go players and Veterans argue about setting up a tent at Veterans Memorial Park located in Winona Minnesota. One Veteran took great offense at Pokemon Go players using the park as a Pokemon catching ground. As you can see from the video below the Veteran and the Pokemon Go players are […]

How did Fire Emblem Awakening Save the Series?

Fire Emblem Awakening will always be known as the game that saved a series.  In a world before Awakening, Fire Emblem was a very unknown franchise only brought to the U.S due to the popularity of Marth and Roy in Super Smash Brothers Melee.  Unfortunately, the series went through five games and the sales were […]

The Future of Pokemon Go?

               There is no denying that Pokémon Go has become one of if not the biggest app in society and it hasn’t even been out a month yet. We’ve seen Pokémon go be used for children in hospitals, cause car wrecks, led to the finding of multiple dead bodies, […]

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Review

               It actually didn’t take me as long as I thought it would to finish Tokyo Mirage Sessions. So the good news is it means I’m getting this review out faster than I thought I would. To explain the general story of the game young idols are using their […]